Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Shiatsu massage therapy is originated from Japan and based on traditional Chinese medicine with the essence of Western therapies. In Japanese Shiatsu means “finger pressure”. It is a type of massage that is done with the use of thumbs, fingers, and palm to apply pressure to several areas of your body to aid heal common ailments and conditions and balances your body surface efficiently. Shiatsu also helps in relieving stress, pain, anxiety, and illness and makes the patient healthy and happy. During the massage therapy, it helps in regulating the automatic nervous system activity and supports circulatory, hormonal, and lymphatic systems effectively and with ease. Shiatsu massage therapy helps to rid off all types problems including sciatica, joint problems, chronic and back pain, and bronchitis.

Shiatsu is somewhat like acupuncture which claims to free blockages and revive energy to those required areas and makes you feel rejuvenated. A shiatsu practitioner presses or stretches the points on your body that lies along the lines of energy which is named meridian channels. With the help of this therapy, it stimulates the circulation of the blood in your body and helps to release toxins from your muscles and enhances your hormonal system.


Benefits of Shiatsu massage:

• Shiatsu massage helps you to reduce migraines problems by relaxing the body and increasing the blood flow circulation throughout the body.
• This massage is done by applying pressure at various areas like hands, feet or the area which is affected by arthritis and helps to limber muscles and reduces muscular pain.
• This therapy also boosts your digestive system by enabling food to digest more easily and helps in waste elimination. It also strengthens stamina by storing energy reserves and helps in fat metabolism and exclusion.
• Shiatsu massage stimulates circulation in blood vessels of the skin’s soft tissues. This massage also helps in serving to stimulate the emission of the sebaceous glands and makes your skin perfectly soften and moist.
• The therapy improves your blood circulation level that makes your skin glowy and shiny.
• Shiatsu massage is also known as non-invasive therapy that helps in reducing tension, stress, depression, and anxiety and gives you complete relaxation and serenity.

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