Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi massage incorporates the Hawaiian concept of aloha which means a combination of nuts oil, elements of prayer, unification, breathing, and promotes personal harmony. This massage sometimes known as loving hand massage as this massage works smoothly yet profoundly into the muscles with unremitting, flowing strokes enabling the addressee to relax completely and provide the nurturing touch to your mind and soul. Lomi Lomi Massage session begins by placing practitioner’s hand gently on your body and asks you to take a deep breath to give relax to your mind. Practitioner also uses some other tools like incorporating chants and music to serene the environment. This massage is best known for its dance-like strokes using the lavish amount of oil. The process of the massage is continuous, fluid strokes applied by the forearms, hands, and elbows to the recipient body. The hands’ movement of the therapist moves seamlessly from one place of the body to another with few transitions or break.

Lomi Lomi massage is helpful to treat your whole body and mind with serenity:

• It helps in releasing stress and tensions
• It helps you to enhance your blood circulation level and lymph flow
• Revitalize and rejuvenate the body from the core
• Give you a complete sense of peace, calmness and harmony
• Eliminate all types of waste and toxins
• Releasing blocked energy

Lomi Lomi massage practitioner works instinctively with your body, rhythmic strokes to release the stress and tensions. Particularly, there is no set format for the Massage in Bangalore. However, it’s not necessary that two Hawaiian massages are always the same in massage process. The treatment may be slow and soothing or faster and stimulating completely depends on how your body responds during the Lomi Lomi massage. Under the process of Lomi Lomi massage the therapist gently stretch your limbs and meticulously rotate your joints to boost up your energy level without distorting your comfort level and zone of resistance. After the completion of Lomi Lomi massage you will feel incredibly relaxed and it nurtures you from head to toe. After massage takes a leisure shower to give yourself a profound, warm and soothing calm.

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