Hot Stone Massage in Bangalore

A hot stone massage is a kind of massage therapy that helps you to relax completely, reduce your stress level and ease tense muscles of your body. During a Hot Stone Massage, a flat, smooth, soft and heated stones are placed on certain parts of your body. The stones which are used in this massage process are generally made of black volcanic rocks or basalt, a type of volcanic rock that retains heat.

The stones may be placed on your several parts of the body like:

On your palms
On your spine
On your toes and feet
On your face
On your chest
On your stomach

Benefits of having stone massage:

Reduces stress and your anxiety level
Strengthen blood circulation of your body
Relief from muscle tension
Boosted your immune system
Helps in promoting better sleep
Increases flexibility in joints, helping in easier movement and mobility
Relieves from other kinds of pain and tension created by contracted and strained muscles

Techniques of hot massage therapy:

During a hot stone massage therapy, the massage practitioner heats and submerges the stones in water which ranges from 110-150 degrees Fahrenheit. While doing hot massage therapy, the massage practitioner holds heated stones as they start to massage your body using Swedish massage techniques like- circular movements, vibration, tapping, and long strokes. It is given for a period of 5-10 minutes.

After this process, the practitioner removes the heated stones from the water and starts massaging them into your skin with their smooth hands by using smaller stones for more intricate areas of the back and body while larger stones for larger muscle groups.

After massaging, as the stones cool down, the practitioner place these stones at a precise place like on your spine, back, belly, toes, and hands to boost circulation in your body and provides further relaxation to your mind and body.

In the last process, the practitioner also gives focus on traditional massage technique as a therapist involves in slow removal of the stones to relax your muscles and nerves so that you feel calm and de-stress.

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