Foot reflexology Massage in Bangalore

Foot reflexology is one of the best treatments of the foot. Its main purpose is to reach deeper then the skin and muscles by placing certain reflex points on the foot to stimulate a healing response with related to organs and different areas of the body. During a foot reflexology treatment, rubbing down the soft fleshy ball of the foot, pushing deep into the arch, tracing down the heel are few of the various small and intense moments that you will experience. There are numerous benefits of reflexology which includes a deep state of relaxation, remove toxins from the body, boost circulation, and stimulate nerve function.

  • Improves nerve sensitivity: With the proper treatment of reflexology, the person can experience improvement in their nerve sensitivity. For instance, if the person is diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension may experience different kinds of complications because of neuropathy, which results in loss of sensations in different parts of the body especially in the arms and legs. This is more recurrent in legs areas and can be improved with this therapy. By directly invigorating the reflex points at the bottom part of the feet, it improves the blood flow which would return to function of some of the nerves as well as improves the sensitivity of your nerves.
  • Helps in reducing the migraine and headache problem: There are numerous people who are presently suffering from migraine and headaches. Foot reflexology helps in reducing pain which is related to migraines and also it lowers the impact of hormone cortisol on the blood vessels as well as reduces muscular tension which ultimately calms your mind and body. Many times migraines and headache occur due to the high stress or lack of sleep. By taking reflexology sessions regularly, it can help you efficiently and reduces your pain up to much extent.
  • Helps reduce swollen feet: It has been widely seen that people are distressed due to their problem of swollen feet. It can occur due to a number of reasons including kidney problem, high blood pressure, heart failure, or sometimes even in pregnancy. Foot reflexology helps in reducing all these problems and boosts blood circulation of your body which results in reducing swelling of the feet. It also stimulates dieresis (increased excretion of urine) and enhances kidney function so that the level of salt balance of the body remains finest and optimal.

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