Balinese Body Massage

Are you looking for the massage therapy that gives you very different kind of aura and get you relief from all stress? Then, Balinese massage is a perfect choice for you as in Balinese Body Massage the techniques implemented by the therapist are very slow and profound to clear the path of the energy blockages with the help of essential oils. It is beneficial for the reproductive system and colon health. This massage is best for those who have damaged tissue or strained joints or muscles or anyone experiencing severe trauma attacks or some kind of emotional loss. Balinese massage is basically a full body and deep tissue massage with comprehensive treatment. It uses a mixture of acupressure, aromatherapy, gentle stretches, reflexology to invigorate the flow of the blood in the body, level up your energy level, and bring a sense of serenity and calmness. During the massage process, Balinese massage uses plenty of techniques which include kneading and stroking, skin rolling, combined with the pristine aroma oils. With the Balinese massage, you will completely feel relaxed, revitalized, and refreshed with all those wonderful and scented essential oils.

Techniques of Balinese massage:

• Create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere: The professional and veteran therapists know the ins and outs of the Balinese Massage. They know how many types of touch and where, when, and in what way to give the touch to the customer so that they can move the customer’s limb efficiently and must be able to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere as it purely gives calmness to your body as well as to your mind.

• Choose the perfect oil to make the massage treatment more effective: During the Balinese massage the professional therapists make use of vegetable oils including coconut oil, jojoba, monoi oil to make the treatment more effective and fruitful and also use scented essential oils including rose oil, ylang-ylang or frangipani which can exclusively and rarely used by the therapists as it is hard to find and works efficiently well to boost your energy level and mood.

Benefits of Balinese massage:

• Detoxify your body’s blood circulation system

• Relieves strained muscles

• invigorate the flow of the blood in the body

• Nourishes and softens the skin

• Reduces stress

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